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[In Stock Sale] DAN60 by Ben

RM 1,500.00
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Due to the possibility of the system overselling (as we learned from the QK65 sale), please note that even if you successfully paid and got an order number, it may have been oversold and we will need to cancel your order. 

Please wait for a follow up email from us confirming that you got it within 30 minutes after the sale. 

Ships within 1 week.

The DAN60 is a custom 60% mechanical keyboard designed by Ben.

It features dual mounting systems, with options for a gummy mount and top mount.

All sample images uses the blasted hexagon weight, please scroll down to look at all the weight options

units available in total, each in a set configuration as listed below:

Unit 1 - Blue Grey (B- Stock, Anodizing Imperfections) + Blasted Hexagon Weight

Unit 2 - Black + Blasted Hexagon Weight

Unit 3 - Black + Blasted Circle Weight

Unit 4 - Silver + Blasted Hexagon Weight

Unit 5 - Black w/ Chamfered Edges + Brushed Hexagon Weight

Unit 6 - Black w/ Chamfered Edges + Blasted Circle Weight

Unit 7 - Silver w/ Chamfered Edges + Brushed Circle Weight

Different Weight Types:

Brushed Circle Weight


Brushed Hexagon Weight


Blasted Hexagon Weight


Blasted Circle Weight


Designed, machined, anodized and QCed in Malaysia.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Case - Top, Mid, and Bottom Layer (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1x Stainless steel weight (Brushed/Blasted, 304SS)
  • 1x POM Plate (Support for 7u and 6.25u spacebar, stepped caps, split right shift and split backspace)
  • 1x PCB (h60 by Hineybush)
  • 1x Unified Daughterboard
  • 1x JST Cable
  • 2x O-Rings of different hardness
  • 1x Pack of screws (Extras are included in case you lose some)
  • 1x Custom Carrying Case
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