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Jelly Evolv by Owlab

Raffle Start: 26 August 2023, 8PM

Raffle End: 31 August 2023, 12PM

Raffle Results (via email): 31 August 2023, 3PM

As the keyboard that popularized the PE Foam, the Jelly Epoch was a classic of its time, cementing its place in the history books.

The Jelly Evolv is Owlab's latest release in 2023, carrying the torch of the Jelly name, improving its design and offerings to be more in line with a premium keyboard in the year 2023.

To learn more, visit Owlab's Notion Page here

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Item Pricing
- E-White, Black, Red, and Silver RM 1765
- Green, Cream, Purple, Blue, and Pink RM 1625

Wired PCB
Single blocker - 6.25U: flex cut or non-flex cut RM 259
Dual blocker - 7U: flex cut or non-flex cut RM 259
Solder PCB - supports both 7u and 6.25u, non-flex cut RM 259

POM, PC, FR4, Aluminum RM 95

Optional Extra Parts (NON-ESSENTIAL)
LED Strip + Silicone Diffuser + FPC Cable RM 95
PCB Daughterboard + FPC Cable RM 48
Back Clips Pack (2 in white + 2 in black) RM 71
Front Clips Pack (4) RM 48
Silicone Gasket Pack (70 duro + 30 duro) RM 39
Rubber Feet Pack (dark grey + white) RM 25

Starting at RM1979

Raffle Terms

Only for Malaysian and Bruneian Addresses, any entries that are not will be automatically disqualified.

Please make sure you have a valid shipping address added to your account before entering the raffle, no address changes can be made and it will only be shipped to the address in your account.

Winners are not transferrable.

Only 1 entry per household/address, it will be checked before winners are chosen. Rebult Keyboards reserve the right to disqualify entries with suspected duplicate entries.

Payment must be made within 24 hours of the invoice being sent to the winners. Unpaid invoices will be rerolled and the entrant may be blacklisted from future special sales/raffles from Rebult Keyboards, please think properly before entering.

Items will be shipped September/October based on shipping time from Owlab and transit time to Malaysia. Winners will be updated via Email of the latest status until arrival.

How Does The Raffle Work?

1. Read through the Notion page regarding the product itself

2. Read the Pricing Table and make sure you are ready to commit

3. Read through the raffle terms

4. Make sure you are logged in and have a valid shipping address in your account.

5. Select your preferred blocker preference - Single or Double Blocker
Note: The vast majority of units are Single Blocker, hence we don't encourage selecting "Double Blocker ONLY" as that will remove your chance of getting Single Blocker units, you have been warned.

6. Select your color preference, you can select multiple or "Any Color" to have a chance for all colors. If you don't select the color, you will NOT have a chance of getting that color.
Note: You won't be able to choose color preference for Double Blocker because of the limited units available, and it is only available in Ewhite, Black and Green, please take note if you are selecting "Double Blocker ONLY" even though it is not encouraged. If you select "Double Blocker PREFERRED", the color preference will be in effect if you win a Single Blocker unit, if you win a Double Blocker unit, it will still be one of the three colors listed above.

7. Click on the Join Raffle button

8. If you are successful in the raffle, you will receive a winning email around the stated timeframe above. You will be assigned a winning unit based on your preference when you join the raffle, it cannot be changed.

9. You may then proceed to add PCB, Plates, and any other add-ons you want by following the instructions in the winning email.

10. Make payment within 24 hours of confirming your final order.

11. Wait for updates and receive your new Jelly Evolv!

If any winners do not make payment after 24 hours or decide to give up their spot, the spot will be rerolled again. Do note that if you give up your spot after winning, you may risk being blacklisted from future special sales/raffles from Rebult Keyboards. Think carefully before joining!

Jelly Evolv Raffle


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