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  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_White_de9b6862-0c5b-468e-8c0c-4a453c1c4703
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_SkyBlue_6ebdc271-7665-469c-aa76-fb1274945bc3
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_Aquamarine_bda92831-8786-4d62-8aa3-c0e1f0912695
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_KleinBlue_fcc8a63c-77ef-4119-8db8-b63c17165693
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_BlushPink_6fc17c12-5765-4ced-9df1-74d004297b53
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_MilkTea_90ed39fd-3835-4e4d-8d9e-1d82fa5b865a
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_StrawberryIceCream_78399f01-489e-4d86-9e56-23a63950ec00
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_MilkyGreen_06d20116-df40-4e0f-8524-7d5a399520d8
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_LavenderSE_b9c94037-644a-43c6-886f-268b9ed4c015
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_PeachFuzz_11624726-e483-4b58-b606-40c9117e9619
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_ScarletRed_2d273f23-f613-4d14-a2ea-995b5cccc6fc
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_VivaMagenta_0001ad2f-02b9-43d5-a9f9-7aa6f8c639c7
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_CafeBrown_9ead5881-fcb0-4447-9831-da071ff57686
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_Raw_MachiningMark_3a6ae35f-8016-461f-823a-2a1fa6b385fe
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_PVD_Black_df1e6469-3fa5-44b7-8a7b-92766c8d0736
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_PVD_Gold_234e33a6-1c58-4ac8-99da-a3140d9c20d8
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_PVD_Silver_5b928077-009c-49a1-a9e7-667491906784
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_Design_02
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_Design_01
  • Zoom65v3_Backplate_Design_03

[GB] Zoom65 V3 Backplates

RM 72.00

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GB Start Date: 18 June 2024, 8PM

GB End Date: 2 July 2024, 11:59 PM

Estimated Fulfilment: November 2024

Group Buy Policy and Disclaimer

  • Strictly no refunds/cancellations after GB period has ended. 5% processing fee applicable for refunds/cancellations during the GB period.
  • Do not mix GB and non GB items in the same order, as well as items from different GBs in the same order.
  • This is a group buy/pre-order item. By placing an order you agree with the delivery date and acknowledge that the date may be subject to changes due to manufacturing or shipping delays.
  • By placing an order, you agree to the terms stated above.
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