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[GB] Freya Ultra

RM 1,875.00

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GB Start Date: 6 February 2024, 8PM

GB End Date: 21 February 2024

Estimated Fulfilment: May/June 2024

Freya is finally here! After months and months of development, Wuque Studio is finally ready to bring the Freya to market, an incredibly special 68% layout, which is what they started with initially with the Ikki68, but this time, they have decided to go way further.

The difference between Freya and Freya Ultra is the additional interchangeable module on the left of the keyboard, able to be swapped between a function key column and a slider

To learn more about the story of the Freya, visit Wuque Studio's page here


  • Layout
    • Freya Ultra : 68%+ Replaceable 5 macro (side slider)
  • PCB Type
    • Tri-mode flex cut, 1.2mm, Hotswap, ANSI Layout, Support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module
    • Tri-mode non-flex cut, 1.6mm, Hotswap, ANSI Layout, Support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module
    • Wired non-flex cut, 1.6mm, Solder,  Support ISO & ANSI Layout, Not support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module
  • Plate
    • Alu Outer, PC Inner
  • Bluetooth
    • Support Bluetooth 5.3
    • Available to be connected up to
      • 3 Devices
  • Typing Angle
    • 6.5°
  • Static Protection
    • Yes
  • VIA Support
    • Yes
  • Color
    • The bezel color is the same as the case color, the dial face frame is gold by default.
  • PCB with RGB or not
    • Tri-mode support, wired does not support
  • Weight
    • 2042g
  • Stabilizer 
    • WS Stabs V3.1
  • Screen Lens
    • 33.75 x 33.22mm
  • LCD Screen Size
    • 30.23mm
  • Resolution
    • 390 x 390 px
  • FPS (Upper Limit)
    • 10
  • Image Refresh Time
    • 42-51ms

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