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S60 HG by Sho - Upgrade Case for HHKB Pro 2

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Ships around 2 weeks time

Designed by Sho, the S60 HG is an upgraded version of the original S60, with an improved aesthetics and material selection. The complex design of the rear makes it costly to manufacture, but without a doubt it makes your HHKB Pro 2 look like no other.

There will be a battery compartment for use with YDKB bluetooth controllers. USB cutouts will fit both mini-USB or Type-C controllers.

If building with a donor HHKB Pro 2, you will need 58 x 1u housings, 2 x 2u housings from either donor boards, Deskeys or Densus

If building with total 3rd party components, you will need a EC Pro 2 PCB from Cipulot, Springs, Domes, 58 x 1u housings, 2 x 2u housings, Sliders and Keycaps.


  • Aluminum Standard
    • Anodized Silver 6063 Aluminum Case
    • Brushed Top Case, Sandblasted Bottom and Rear Piece
  • Aluminum Sandblasted
    • Anodized Silver 6063 Aluminum Case
    • Sandblasted, Top Case, Bottom case and Rear Piece
  • Stainless Steel Standard
    • 316L Stainless Steel Case
    • Brushed Top Case, Mirror Bottom and Rear Piece
  • Stainless Steel Sandblasted
    • 316L Stainless Steel Case
    • Sandblasted Top Case, Bottom Case and Rear Piece
  • Stainless Steel Mirror
    • 316L Stainless Steel Case
    • Mirror Top Case, Bottom Case and Rear Piece
  • Special Edition (Limited to 50 units)
    • 6063 Aluminum Case
    • Silver Top Case, Red Bottom Case and Rear Piece

Package Includes

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case
  • Rear Piece
  • Stainless Steel Plate
  • Feet attachment components - Cover x 2 (Anodized Red) and washers x 8
  • Adjustable feet (shorter) x 2 - Anodized Red
  • Adjustable feet (taller) x 2 - Anodized Red
  • Fastening pins x 2
  • Screws and feet
  • Carrying case


  • Front height: 18.5mm
  • Typing Angle: 7.5°
  • Measurements: 297.5mm * 125.5mm
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