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Gateron Milky Yellow Switch

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Restock: November 2020

1 Unit = 10 Switches 

When you think about a good linear switch, there's certain characteristics and boxes that it has to tick. It definitely has to be smooth stock, and even smoother when lubed, have a satisfying 'thock' sound when typed on as well as a well-weighted spring that's comfortable and satisfying to type on. There are plenty of switches that satisfy these conditions, at the expense of being unorthodoxly expensive and hard to get hold of. Well, the Gateron Yellows break that very convention, being a mass-produced great linear switch at an affordable price point, satisfying everyone's craving for an authentic linear experience. At this price point, there is virtually nothing else that can come close in terms of value. As such, these are a great choice for those who are wanting to get some linears, regardless whether you are tight on budget or not. Here we have the milky version of the Yellows, that have a housing that's made of a different material compared to the SMD ones. The milky housing is a little softer thus it produces a ever-so-slightly 'thockier' sound, but at the expense of being noticeably scratchier. As such, lubing and filming these are recommended. 

  • Gateron-style housing (Similar to Cherry MX)
  • Support for switch top opining (MX style latching for the housing)
  • Linear
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 50g Actuation
  • PCB-Mount (5-pin)
  • Support for flush SMD LEDs, protruding SMD LEDs will not fit into the bottom housing (Light will be slightly dimmer due to translucent nature of the milky housing)

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